How Social Media Influencers Make Money

With the average American spending 2.5 hours on social media everyday, a lot of what we absorb and digest comes from our phone and computer screens. As Instagram and Facebook feeds continue to be an everyday constant of our of lives, social media influencers and brands are plugging into a lucrative market. Influencers have a new and engaged audience and brands want access to it – making social media the perfect space for collaboration. In this week’s New Money episode, we look into how social influencers are turning likes and follows into dollars and cheques for themselves and brands.

0:16 – Explaining what a social media influencer is

0:53 – How social media is a major part of our lives

1:05 – Brands are turning to social media influencers to get their message across

1:20 – How Katherine Gaskin used social media to create a successful business

1:35 – How to be a social influencer, without all the knowledge

1:52 – Suggestions if you’re just getting started as an influencer

2:28 – How to make money as a social influencer

3:05 – Using micro-influencers to promote your brand

3:31 – The different social platforms that brands should use to promote their products

3:34 – How the HiSmile founder used influencers to expand his brand from nothing to 2.4 million customers

4:25 – The impact social influencers are having on customers

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