How Many Followers Do You Need to Make a LIVING on Social Media?

Whether you want to be an influencer OR you’re trying to build an online business, I’m sure you realize that *numbers matter.* Now, does a big audience automatically mean you’re rich? Obviously not. There are many other factors at play, including how ENGAGED your audience is, and how STRATEGICALLY you build your business or go after sponsorship opportunities.

But yes, numbers matter too. In today’s video I’m breaking down the *math* of exactly how many followers you need to make a living on social media. (And, for reference, I’m using $48,000 as the minimum annual “full-time” income. Of course, how much money one needs to live well varies from one locality to the next, but that’s sufficient in most areas.) And… I’m also sharing my favorite way to determine whether or not your audience is big enough. (And it’s my favorite way because, weirdly enough, it’s more accurate than the mathematics method.)

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