Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Earnings Reports 2016

I’m happy to say that some of my students really kicked things into high gear this year!  We’ve officially completed one full year since the BETA launch of Affiliate U, the training course that shows you how to sell other people’s goods from an internet connection anywhere in the world!  That’s right, a web-based over the shoulder video series shows you step by step how you can earn money by selling other people’s goods without the hassle of employees, inventory, and merchant accounts.

Just promote, link, and SELL.

How easy is that?

Well, it’s not the easiest thing in the world – I’m brutally honest about that.  Like anything else in life it takes hard work, consistency, and patience.  But if you follow my road map, select a solid niche, and execute your game plan that I lay out on a silver platter (I even offer up my best advice for structuring your day for massive success), you’ll be on your way to mirroring the success that my students are enjoying right now.

So let’s recap what happened on Black Friday in 2016.

Affiliates Who Made Money on Black Friday in 2016

Note:  this is just a small sample of the earnings reports generated through my tactics.  Many people are private with their revenues and business, which I totally respect.  These people voluntarily shared their information and earnings, and I commend them on being so candid.

Brad Smith Brings in Over a Grand of Cash!


Norman felt he left some money on the table, but $1,500 is nothing to be upset about!  Good job, Norm!

Norman Black friday earnings

Last year, for the first time ever, “clicks” beat “bricks.”  Many people, myself included, helped bridge the gap between consumers who were looking for shopping advice, reviews, or sometimes something as easy as a coupon code.  Along the way, we stock piled cash and provided a very noble service.

Get in on the affiliate marketing gold rush. It’s an industry that’s on it’s way up, as I blogged about here.

Kathy Earnings


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