2017 Affiliate Marketing Goals

An Open Letter to Affiliate U Members, Followers, and Lurkers! 

2016 ended nicely, with many members making money, and some just crushing Black Friday!

As we start 2017 I wanted to drop a note to you all regarding some plans for the coming year as well as lend some tips and advice to help you hit your affiliate marketing income goals for the year.

We all have some goals we want to hit this year, and now is the time we usually get all pumped about them and are aggressive to tackle them, but what I have found over the years is that staying committed to those goals is the challenge. We come out of the gate on fire and after a few months fizzle back, so here are some tips to help you avoid that cycle:

  • Set realistic goals for yourself whether they are content creation, investing more time into your business, learning a new skill set, finding a new niche, etc – make it realistic and something you really want, and put a visual reminder of it somewhere where you can see it every day until you achieve it.
  • Keep it simple!! Sometimes we tend to over complicate things, whether it is over-thinking your routine, giving up too soon, or just not putting in the time. This is formula!  The time put in will yield rewards later!
  • There is NOT a magic trick, hack, or button you can press that will accelerate your success.  Content creation and backlinks are crucial steps that can’t have short cuts.  They don’t exist, no matter what some software or guru promises you.
  • Consistent efforts are KEY.  There will be bumps in the road, obstacles that pop up throughout the year, trips, vacations, injuries, etc… do not let any of them derail you. Be consistent in your routine!! In getting up everyday, going through statistics, getting content ordered, placed, and with proper SEO in mind, you are growing your business.  Leave the excuses in your rear view, it’s a new year and time to get a new mindset. 
  • Lastly – I strongly encourage all of you to take advantage of the amazing Facebook group we have.  While it’s members only, I have created one for non-members right here.  It’s a free group where we educate people on what we’re all about in the paid group.  Like an educational institution, Affiliate U is a community, and we help one another.  So if you surfed onto this affiliate marketing blog and are curious as to what we’re all about, go ahead and check it out.  I’ll see you inside and personally answer questions you may have.

To another year of making money online, working from anywhere, and doing big things!

Professor Tim


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